THIS RECORD DOESN’T EXIST, with comic artist Steven Weissman

It came with a copy of Steven Weissman’s “Tykes #1” comic in the late 1990’s, and it was stashed, unlistened to, for nearly 25 years. Fast forward to 2021, and there is no mention of this record existing on any comic book or record websites, and we can’t find mention of this 7 inch, 2-song, 45 RPM record online anywhere. WHAT IS IT?
Steve Weissman wanted to create a record -an art object- to be included with the first issue of his alternative comics series TYKES. Except he didn’t make music! So… how did he do it?

PART 1 sets up the mystery, and PART 2 is an in-depth interview with the artist behind the piece, Steve Weissman. Hear the full story, a new favorite cowboy song he finds along the way! We also sample some of Steve’s artwork, and stick around to see him DRAW DENNIS BALL!

Listen to Steve Weissman’s compilation of vintage “found” music we talk about in part two of this video. Link below.

UPDATE! Record buyer Josh Pollock just put the Tykes collection online: MUST HEAR! CLICK HERE!

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