The Record that made Coolie Ranx a Reggae Artist

COOLIE RANX from PILFERS joins Dennis once again for Dad Jokes, memes and for a discussion of the Barrington Levy song that made him become a reggae music artist. Tune in for laughs with us, and a fascinating look into Coolie’s early music growth. Plus a cool new song to track down. Here is the Barrington Levy track! Girl I Like your Style: Get Coolie Ranx music and merch: Every Friday is Dennis Ball Live! We also have new short episodes all the time. Subscribe now so you don’t miss a joke!

What The Heck Is Dennis Ball?

Dennis Ball hosts a weekly animated comedy talk show on records and geek culture. He interviews amazing guests, tell dad jokes, shares meme reactions and more. Visit cool pop culture conventions with us as Dennis tells Dad jokes to cosplayers! And once in a while, join Dennis for animated adventures with his friends! Subscribe now so you don’t miss a joke! Ghost Cave, our house band: ALL THE DENNIS LINKS and SHOP in one handy spot:


Introducing JEFFREY BALL! Dennis Ball Superfans CAM and WES show off Halloween costumes, but are TOUGH on the Dad Jokes! They also created a hilarious JEFFREY BALL character, who is unveiled at the end of the program, and even tells us a joke! Find out the mystery behind his TINFOIL HAT!

Contemporary Art Curator Michael Rooks

MICHAEL ROOKS judges the artistic worth of the Dennis Ball Show, and does the Dad Joke Game Show. Michael shows us a cool painting and tells us what he REALLY thinks about Chicago’s “The Bean” (Cloud Gate by ANISH KAPOOR). Grab a glass of wine, viewers! A hilarious and enlightening episode awaits!

2 Real Geeks

Watch DANNY & JESS from 2 REAL GEEKS laugh their butts off on The Dennis Ball Show! Will these roller-coaster riding adventure vloggers be able to resist ANY of DENNIS BALL‘s jokes? We are thrilled about our collaboration video with these awesome new friends, and I think you’ll find the laughter is infectious!

Filmmaker Patricia Beckmann Wells

Filmmaker and animator PATRICIA BECKMANN WELLS takes the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW Challenge with DENNIS BALL! Will she laugh, and make Dennis a star? She also talks about her psychedelic and introspective film PROPOLIS, and we speculate on why BABY BALL l likes the movie BOLT so much. TUNE IN and find out! With a cameo by BABY BALL!

Spirit Balloween

DENNIS BALL serves quips like candy as he searches for the perfect BALLOWEEN Costume at Spirit Halloween. Will he EVER find those vampire fangs? Will the animatronics put up with his stream of wisecracks? Stay tuned to check out the new animatronics from Spirit, and see his costume at the end! Its a very special, very early Balloween episode of The Dennis Ball Show!