Vampire COUNT CHADWICK (aka Chad The Inhaler) from YOU HAD THAT joins Dennis for some friendly banter and some devastatingly funny DAD JOKES! The DAD JOKE GAME SHOW has never had a GOTH VAMPIRE PUPPET guest before. What do you think? Do you like the all-puppet action? Want real humans? Both? Let us know in the comments.

We Had That is a super cool channel about vintage action figures and toys.



Spirit Balloween

DENNIS BALL serves quips like candy as he searches for the perfect BALLOWEEN Costume at Spirit Halloween. Will he EVER find those vampire fangs? Will the animatronics put up with his stream of wisecracks? Stay tuned to check out the new animatronics from Spirit, and see his costume at the end! Its a very special, very early Balloween episode of The Dennis Ball Show!

Comic Artist Ariel Bordeaux

ARIEL BORDEAUX talks about her daily comics, reads us two very cool strips, and then takes on DENNIS BALL in The Dad Joke Challenge! Will she laugh three times and have to do a comic strip about being on The Dennis Ball Show? Tune in and find out! Hilarious jokes and cool comix on today’s episode of Dennis Ball, Alternative Comics Edition!

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Joe Jack Talcum from The Dead Milkmen!

JOE JACK TALCUM talks deep meanings in Punk Rock Girl, a new DEAD MILKMEN single, and takes the DAD JOKE CHALLENGE with Dennis Ball! Dennis asks Joe Jack, “Is The Dennis Ball Show the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your entire career?” Find out the gripping answer! We also speculate on a possible second pressing of the single, and why it should be Dennis-colored vinyl. Meet a punk rock legend on this very special episode of The Dennis Ball Show!

Black Jesus is a tough crowd

Things get incredibly serious when DENNIS BALL missteps while telling Jesus Jokes to BLACK JESUS. Can Dennis turn things around and make Black Jesus forgive, or laugh? Stick around for joke #10- it’s a DOOZY! Featuring clean, happy jokes even a deity can’t object to. Starring Jabulani as Black Jesus.

Kalyn Hardman from Lovecraft Country!

KALYN HARDMAN from LOVECRAFT COUNTRY tells us about her shows and clothing line– CAN DENNIS MAKE HER LAUGH with TAYLOR SWIFT DAD JOKES on our new Dad Joke Game Show? (Because Taylor is trending and Dennis is shameless!) Stick around to hear NINE great dad jokes and see the final score.