The Record that made Coolie Ranx a Reggae Artist

COOLIE RANX from PILFERS joins Dennis once again for Dad Jokes, memes and for a discussion of the Barrington Levy song that made him become a reggae music artist. Tune in for laughs with us, and a fascinating look into Coolie’s early music growth. Plus a cool new song to track down. Here is the Barrington Levy track! Girl I Like your Style: Get Coolie Ranx music and merch: Every Friday is Dennis Ball Live! We also have new short episodes all the time. Subscribe now so you don’t miss a joke!

What The Heck Is Dennis Ball?

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Leona X: Cats, Sabbath and Thigh Voltage

Leona X does the Dad Joke Game Show with Dennis Ball! We talk about Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi and female fronted tribute bands like her AC/DC tribute, Thigh Voltage! Leona X even plays us her NEW song, Black Knight of The Soul, LIVE on the show! It’s a METAL-ROCKIN, DAD-JOKE TELLIN EPISODE of the Dennis Ball Show! Leona X online:

Lounge Legend JOEY ALTRUDA on The Dad Joke Game Show

Joey Altruda exploded on the international scene when his song “Mucci’s Jag MK II” was featured in the hit move Swingers. The soundtrack went gold and was a staple in the CD book of every swing kid in the late 1990s.

Joey tells us about being part of Swingers, SINGS for us, does the Dad Joke Game Show, and tells us about his new single with Brazilian musical legend Tom Zé. He even does a SONG for us, live on the show!

This is a really special episode you won’t want to miss!


The Beastie Boy’s PAUL’S BOUTIQUE has one of the most iconic album covers of all time! We talk with cover photographer and music blogger JEREMY SHATAN about the real store Paul’s Boutique, show the exact location of the photo shoot, identify the blurry records on the ground and more. We also talk about playing with The Young Aborigines with Mike D and Kate Shellenbach, what the Young Aborigines songs sounded like, and whether there will ever be a release of the music the young band recorded. Oh yeah- and we do the Dad Joke Game Show!


THE MIGHTY KEVIN aka LESTER CREST aka JAY KLAITZ! Premieres Fri 4/23 at 8pm Eastern. Join us!

GENERAL TRIUS from FUTURE FOLK (Interplanetary music star and comedic actor NILS d’AULAIRE) joins DENNIS BALL for The Dad Joke Game Show (with sci fi jokes), an hilarious in-depth interview, and an exclusive and surprisingly MOVING performance of the NEW FUTURE FOLK SONG, H2O VOLCANO!

“The History Of Future Folk” is now on NETFLIX.