R. Crumb. Art Spiegelman. Jack Davis. Al Feldstein. Bill Griffith. Belle Dee. Jim Woodring. Richard Sala. Rick Altergott. Ariel Bordeaux. Jordan Crane. Joey Image. Gilbert Hernandez. Jaime Hernandez. Johnny Ryan. Greg Cook. Will Eisner. In a tiny room near Atlanta, GA resides The Miniature Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, with more than 70 originals, sketches, toys, drawings, prints and more on display. Dennis Ball takes you on an EXPRESS TOUR of SOME SELECT PIECES as we visit THE MINIATURE MUSEUM OF COMIC AND CARTOON ART!!

Meeting The Muppets

MUPPETS! The DARK CRYSTAL! CORPSE BRIDE and more! Dennis Ball tours The Worlds Of Puppetry Museum with Bowie and Josie, as well as a surprise guest who sticks around. Dennis is cracking jokes and one-liners the whole time, and practically begging famous puppets to appear on The Dennis Ball Show. He meets original puppets from Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and more. Then he finally meets a charming puppet who will talk to him! IF YOU KNOW WHO THIS PINK PUPPET IS PLEASE TELL US IN THE COMMENTS! We want to credit him! He works at The Center For Puppetry Arts.