Dad Jokes and Summoning Ghosts with Lesley Bannatyne

HALLOWEEN DAD JOKES & HOW TO SUMMON GHOSTS! And WE DO IT on the show- see with your own eyes. Halloween expert Lesley Bannatyne brings the Folkloric secrets on how, historically, people summoned dead loved ones or looked into the future of their love lives. Dumb Suppers, Ghost Suppers, Mirrors, candles, reflections in wells, walking backwards at midnight on Halloween… we try everything JOIN US as we summon a ghost, and what happens will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Introducing JEFFREY BALL! Dennis Ball Superfans CAM and WES show off Halloween costumes, but are TOUGH on the Dad Jokes! They also created a hilarious JEFFREY BALL character, who is unveiled at the end of the program, and even tells us a joke! Find out the mystery behind his TINFOIL HAT!

Halloween Dad Jokes with CARA CARAVAN COSPLAY!

CARA CARAVAN & DENNIS BALL Halloween Dad Jokes Game Show! Cara shows off an incredible Lydia costume and her hand-made felted Beetlejuice Snake! Stick around to the end to see lots of cool felt creatures! Bigfoot! LORAX! A very cool BALLOWEEN episode of The Dennis Ball Show. Introducing the NEW Guest-O-Matic!

GHOST BALL 2: Spirit Ball

Messages from beyond the GRAVE! GHOSTLY apparitions! Childish BICKERING! DECEPTION! You won’t believe your EYES! Your HEART will LEAP in FEAR! It’s the return of Ghost Ball, and he has a message for the living. Starring Baby Ball, and his best friend Dude Ball.


Halloween Dad Jokes, with Robin Shelby from Ghostbusters

ROBIN SHELBY does the Balloween Dad Jokes Game Show with DENNIS BALL! Robin (Slimer from Ghostbusters 2 & Lady Slimer from GB 2016) uses all of her stagecraft powers to resist the bewitchingly bad dad jokes of Dennis Ball. This is Balloween, with actor Robin Shelby!

CoasterNick3127: Scary Coasters, Amazing Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes with Youtube legend Coaster Nick (CoasterNick3157), and Nick shares his three most terrifying coasters (and footage of the rides!) with Dennis Ball. Terrifyingly thrilling coaster footage and hair-raising Dad Jokes, in this hilarious and thrilling Balloween Special!

Ghost Ball!

What lurks at The Haunted Farm? Who is 2 REAL GEEKS Gonna Call when they are accosted by an apparition? And what is the horrible truth behind this supernatural being? FIND OUT! We do it all in 3 mins! Starring HEPCAT from Atlanta Ghostbusters as Officer Hepcat.

Spirit Balloween

DENNIS BALL serves quips like candy as he searches for the perfect BALLOWEEN Costume at Spirit Halloween. Will he EVER find those vampire fangs? Will the animatronics put up with his stream of wisecracks? Stay tuned to check out the new animatronics from Spirit, and see his costume at the end! Its a very special, very early Balloween episode of The Dennis Ball Show!