The Record that made Coolie Ranx a Reggae Artist

COOLIE RANX from PILFERS joins Dennis once again for Dad Jokes, memes and for a discussion of the Barrington Levy song that made him become a reggae music artist. Tune in for laughs with us, and a fascinating look into Coolie’s early music growth. Plus a cool new song to track down. Here is the Barrington Levy track! Girl I Like your Style: Get Coolie Ranx music and merch: Every Friday is Dennis Ball Live! We also have new short episodes all the time. Subscribe now so you don’t miss a joke!

Dad Jokes and Summoning Ghosts with Lesley Bannatyne

HALLOWEEN DAD JOKES & HOW TO SUMMON GHOSTS! And WE DO IT on the show- see with your own eyes. Halloween expert Lesley Bannatyne brings the Folkloric secrets on how, historically, people summoned dead loved ones or looked into the future of their love lives. Dumb Suppers, Ghost Suppers, Mirrors, candles, reflections in wells, walking backwards at midnight on Halloween… we try everything JOIN US as we summon a ghost, and what happens will BLOW YOUR MIND!


R. Crumb. Art Spiegelman. Jack Davis. Al Feldstein. Bill Griffith. Belle Dee. Jim Woodring. Richard Sala. Rick Altergott. Ariel Bordeaux. Jordan Crane. Joey Image. Gilbert Hernandez. Jaime Hernandez. Johnny Ryan. Greg Cook. Will Eisner. In a tiny room near Atlanta, GA resides The Miniature Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, with more than 70 originals, sketches, toys, drawings, prints and more on display. Dennis Ball takes you on an EXPRESS TOUR of SOME SELECT PIECES as we visit THE MINIATURE MUSEUM OF COMIC AND CARTOON ART!!

Rock Producer Paul Q. Kolderie: CREEP and THE COUNT

RPAUL Q. KOLDERIE chats with Dennis on producing Radiohead’s Creep, working with The Count from Sesame Street, and the proper temperature & method to bake damp George Thoroughgood masters. DAD JOKES episode to follow!Paul’s Production and engineering credits include, among many others: Radiohead. Pixies. Hole. Morphine. The Count from Sesame Street. The Dropkick Murphys. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Dinosaur Jr. Toots and The Maytals. Sebadoh. Juliana Hatfield. Firehose. Big D and The Kids Table. Belly. Buffalo Tom. The Lemonheads. Jayhawks. Uncle Tupelo. George Thoroughgood and The Destroyers.


ROGER RIVAS (THE AGGROLITES, LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS, JASON MIRAZ) does the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW- and performs the new mini-hit BALLULATION with DENNIS BALL! Then Dennis begs him to get a message to Jason Miraz, and Roger reluctantly admits Jason would never in a million years appear on The Dennis Ball Show. DAD JOKE GAME SHOW: REGGAE ORGAN EDITION is a blast! Hang out with Dennis Ball and one of the best organ players – and coolest guys – in the business- my new friend ROGER RIVAS!

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