Team Totoro mini documentary: Loki Variant at Dragon Con

The TRUE STORY of Team Totoro Cosplay! Hang with the team as we prepare “Totoroki” – a 9 foot Totoro puppet/costume dressed as Loki- for the Loki Photoshoot at Dragon Con, 2021. Share an inside look at this Portland Cosplay Crew as they create some of the most intricate and beloved group costumes of Dragon Con. In 2021, it was TVA Agents escorting a Totoro Variant of Loki.

Dad Joke Game Show with Kelly McDaniel

SPIDERGIRL COSPLAYER KELLY MCDANIEL does the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW and tells us about her new “Make Mine May Day” SpiderGirl podcast on The Spidey Dude Network! At the end she gives us her TOP THREE SPIDERMAN COMICS of all time! She’s all about SPIDERGIRL, aka MAYDAY PARKER- Peter Parker and MJ’s daughter! Kelly brings a very cool perspective on a classic franchise. And Dennis Ball brings funny dad jokes.

NEW FORMAT! We are trying out new “100% Game Show” format, with a new animated set, new graphics, music, a streamlined format and a new studio audience. What do you think? Do you like the Game Show format, or so you like Dennis’s Study better? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Halloween Dad Jokes with CARA CARAVAN COSPLAY!

CARA CARAVAN & DENNIS BALL Halloween Dad Jokes Game Show! Cara shows off an incredible Lydia costume and her hand-made felted Beetlejuice Snake! Stick around to the end to see lots of cool felt creatures! Bigfoot! LORAX! A very cool BALLOWEEN episode of The Dennis Ball Show. Introducing the NEW Guest-O-Matic!