THE MIGHTY KEVIN aka LESTER CREST aka JAY KLAITZ! Premieres Fri 4/23 at 8pm Eastern. Join us!

GENERAL TRIUS from FUTURE FOLK (Interplanetary music star and comedic actor NILS d’AULAIRE) joins DENNIS BALL for The Dad Joke Game Show (with sci fi jokes), an hilarious in-depth interview, and an exclusive and surprisingly MOVING performance of the NEW FUTURE FOLK SONG, H2O VOLCANO!

“The History Of Future Folk” is now on NETFLIX.

CARPETBAGGER Part 2: Ghost Pasta, UFO Evidence, Bigfoot and more

SEE VIDEO PROOF! GHOST PASTA spells out a CHILLING, RAPIDLY COOLING MESSAGE! HARD EVIDENCE of a UFO (unidentified flashing object) from the EDGE OF AREA 51! A post apocalyptic yard sale broken up by a screaming soup cannibal, hot on Jacob The Carpetbagger’s trail. Scariest Dark Ride Of All Time. In this WILD VIDEO, the Deep Dark Archives are explored and highlights of Jacob The Carpetbagger lore come out into the light of cold hard day! It’s all here! A really fun “speed dating” interview round from Dennis Ball’s snowy mountain getaway!

Andrew Yonki (Caustic Casanova): Monster Metal Riffs

ANDREW YONKI (CAUSTIC CASANOVA) has FIVE MONSTER RIFFS for FIVE CLASSIC MONSTERS. Can DENNIS BALL match the riff to the monster- and squeeze in a few monster-themed dad jokes? See how Dennis does, and try this fun BALLOWEEN game yourself! Andrew also tells us about Caustic Casanova’s new track (Wicked World!) on the upcoming Best of Black Sabbath Redux record. Its a Halloween, Balloween good time on this Dennis Ball Show Balloween Special!

Caustic Casanova records and merch: Click here
The Black Sabbath record featuring CC: Click here

Contemporary Art Curator Michael Rooks

MICHAEL ROOKS judges the artistic worth of the Dennis Ball Show, and does the Dad Joke Game Show. Michael shows us a cool painting and tells us what he REALLY thinks about Chicago’s “The Bean” (Cloud Gate by ANISH KAPOOR). Grab a glass of wine, viewers! A hilarious and enlightening episode awaits!

Filmmaker Patricia Beckmann Wells

Filmmaker and animator PATRICIA BECKMANN WELLS takes the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW Challenge with DENNIS BALL! Will she laugh, and make Dennis a star? She also talks about her psychedelic and introspective film PROPOLIS, and we speculate on why BABY BALL l likes the movie BOLT so much. TUNE IN and find out! With a cameo by BABY BALL!

Adriana A: Trans Life!

GENDER IDENTITY, the gender implications of being a tennis ball, DURAN DURAN, bullies, getting a NONBINARY designation on her drivers license, traveling while trans, gaining confidence, and more! Dennis Ball chats with Trans Icon ADRIANA A from BOOTIE MASHUPS! This conversation was so informative, that we broke our “five minutes an episode” rule for this one. Adriana A will be back with more episodes. Next time, we talk about Facial Feminization Surgery. This week on Conversations with Interesting Humans!

  • Adriana’s nightclub party is a blast. And it’s online. GET IN! htpp://www.BootieMashups.com
  • Adriana A online: http://linktre.ee/adrianabootie

Turn Me On, Dead Man: Hidden Messages of The Beatles

Pop culture historian Thommy Burns and Dennis Ball on TOP 4 FABBEST hidden Beastles messages. Decide for yourself about the hidden, creepy, weird messages of the Beatles. What are they saying? Did we miss one? Please put it in the comments below! Why is John Lennon singing backwards? Is Paul McCartney really dead? Whats the scariest Beatles album and why is it The White Album? All this and more, in under five minutes. Part 2 of Retro Time Traveler, Thommy Burns on this installment of CONVERSATIONS WITH INTERESTING HUMANS.  

London Podcaster Shiggi gets REAL with Dennis! Part 2

Dennis Ball chats with London Podcaster SHIGGI about her podcast, Deep Subjects, Tang, what Bad DJs sound like, and more in the first installment of Conversations With Interesting Humans. This is one you will not want to miss! Part three to follow.

Sharpie Artist Arm of Casso on Sharpism and Jogging While Black

Sharpie artist ARM OF CASSO and Dennis Ball discuss his artwork, the genre of SHARPISM, NAS, HASHTAGS, and “JOGGING WHILE BLACK.” Stick around for the amazing artwork! A new Conversations with Interesting Humans.

And be sure to check out http://www.armofcasso.net for sweet ARM OF CASSO art, prints and clothing.