The secret hidden behind this Richard Sala Monster portrait

See the secret hidden behind this Richard Sala Monster portrait! Sala was a private person, and he seldom let people visit his studio, even friends. This thrilling secret reveals a window into an artist at work. From the Mini Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, where we have a small display dedicated to the late great Richard Sala. Monsters, mystery, strong unflappable heroines, and legions of bad guys who always escaped, Richard Sala had it all in his work.

THIS RECORD DOESN’T EXIST, with comic artist Steven Weissman

It came with a copy of Steven Weissman’s “Tykes #1” comic in the late 1990’s, and it was stashed, unlistened to, for nearly 25 years. Fast forward to 2021, and there is no mention of this record existing on any comic book or record websites, and we can’t find mention of this 7 inch, 2-song, 45 RPM record online anywhere. WHAT IS IT?
Steve Weissman wanted to create a record -an art object- to be included with the first issue of his alternative comics series TYKES. Except he didn’t make music! So… how did he do it?

PART 1 sets up the mystery, and PART 2 is an in-depth interview with the artist behind the piece, Steve Weissman. Hear the full story, a new favorite cowboy song he finds along the way! We also sample some of Steve’s artwork, and stick around to see him DRAW DENNIS BALL!

Listen to Steve Weissman’s compilation of vintage “found” music we talk about in part two of this video. Link below.

UPDATE! Record buyer Josh Pollock just put the Tykes collection online: MUST HEAR! CLICK HERE!

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Dad Joke Game Show with Kelly McDaniel

SPIDERGIRL COSPLAYER KELLY MCDANIEL does the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW and tells us about her new “Make Mine May Day” SpiderGirl podcast on The Spidey Dude Network! At the end she gives us her TOP THREE SPIDERMAN COMICS of all time! She’s all about SPIDERGIRL, aka MAYDAY PARKER- Peter Parker and MJ’s daughter! Kelly brings a very cool perspective on a classic franchise. And Dennis Ball brings funny dad jokes.

NEW FORMAT! We are trying out new “100% Game Show” format, with a new animated set, new graphics, music, a streamlined format and a new studio audience. What do you think? Do you like the Game Show format, or so you like Dennis’s Study better? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Comic Artist Ariel Bordeaux

ARIEL BORDEAUX talks about her daily comics, reads us two very cool strips, and then takes on DENNIS BALL in The Dad Joke Challenge! Will she laugh three times and have to do a comic strip about being on The Dennis Ball Show? Tune in and find out! Hilarious jokes and cool comix on today’s episode of Dennis Ball, Alternative Comics Edition!

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