Halloween Dad Jokes with CARA CARAVAN COSPLAY!

CARA CARAVAN & DENNIS BALL Halloween Dad Jokes Game Show! Cara shows off an incredible Lydia costume and her hand-made felted Beetlejuice Snake! Stick around to the end to see lots of cool felt creatures! Bigfoot! LORAX! A very cool BALLOWEEN episode of The Dennis Ball Show. Introducing the NEW Guest-O-Matic!

GHOST BALL 2: Spirit Ball

Messages from beyond the GRAVE! GHOSTLY apparitions! Childish BICKERING! DECEPTION! You won’t believe your EYES! Your HEART will LEAP in FEAR! It’s the return of Ghost Ball, and he has a message for the living. Starring Baby Ball, and his best friend Dude Ball.

Get your GHOST BALL TEE! https://tinyurl.com/y2ae5kmv

Cory Doctorow: Dad Jokes and Dark Rides

Part 1: Cory Doctorow’s full interview with Dennis Ball about his book “Attack Surface”, The Haunted Mansion, DRM, The Futurama, and more.

Part 2: CORY DOCTOROW does the Dad Jokes Game Show, and being a father himself, proves a worthy adversary for Dennis Ball. Cory also gives us a look at his monstrous new picture book “Posey The Monster Slayer.”

More on Cory’s books and projects.

Halloween Dad Jokes, with Robin Shelby from Ghostbusters

ROBIN SHELBY does the Balloween Dad Jokes Game Show with DENNIS BALL! Robin (Slimer from Ghostbusters 2 & Lady Slimer from GB 2016) uses all of her stagecraft powers to resist the bewitchingly bad dad jokes of Dennis Ball. This is Balloween, with actor Robin Shelby!

CoasterNick3127: Scary Coasters, Amazing Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes with Youtube legend Coaster Nick (CoasterNick3157), and Nick shares his three most terrifying coasters (and footage of the rides!) with Dennis Ball. Terrifyingly thrilling coaster footage and hair-raising Dad Jokes, in this hilarious and thrilling Balloween Special!

Andrew Yonki (Caustic Casanova): Monster Metal Riffs

ANDREW YONKI (CAUSTIC CASANOVA) has FIVE MONSTER RIFFS for FIVE CLASSIC MONSTERS. Can DENNIS BALL match the riff to the monster- and squeeze in a few monster-themed dad jokes? See how Dennis does, and try this fun BALLOWEEN game yourself! Andrew also tells us about Caustic Casanova’s new track (Wicked World!) on the upcoming Best of Black Sabbath Redux record. Its a Halloween, Balloween good time on this Dennis Ball Show Balloween Special!

Caustic Casanova records and merch: Click here
The Black Sabbath record featuring CC: Click here

Ghost Ball!

What lurks at The Haunted Farm? Who is 2 REAL GEEKS Gonna Call when they are accosted by an apparition? And what is the horrible truth behind this supernatural being? FIND OUT! We do it all in 3 mins! Starring HEPCAT from Atlanta Ghostbusters as Officer Hepcat.