Dad Jokes and Summoning Ghosts with Lesley Bannatyne

HALLOWEEN DAD JOKES & HOW TO SUMMON GHOSTS! And WE DO IT on the show- see with your own eyes. Halloween expert Lesley Bannatyne brings the Folkloric secrets on how, historically, people summoned dead loved ones or looked into the future of their love lives. Dumb Suppers, Ghost Suppers, Mirrors, candles, reflections in wells, walking backwards at midnight on Halloween… we try everything JOIN US as we summon a ghost, and what happens will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Are Josh’s book covers too scary?

Are these Dark Horror Fantasy book covers too gory? Are they really censored? How much hot sauce can author Joshua E.B. Smith eat? In this episode of The Red Hot author Series, We show the uncensored covers to you for the books in question (WARNING: not for young kids, there is some moderate illustrated book cover scariness on screen), and explain the whole story, so you can judge for yourself. And we hear about these pretty wild books by our special guest Joshua E.B. Smith!