THE MIGHTY KEVIN aka LESTER CREST aka JAY KLAITZ! Premieres Fri 4/23 at 8pm Eastern. Join us!

GENERAL TRIUS from FUTURE FOLK (Interplanetary music star and comedic actor NILS d’AULAIRE) joins DENNIS BALL for The Dad Joke Game Show (with sci fi jokes), an hilarious in-depth interview, and an exclusive and surprisingly MOVING performance of the NEW FUTURE FOLK SONG, H2O VOLCANO!

“The History Of Future Folk” is now on NETFLIX.

Halloween Dad Jokes, with Robin Shelby from Ghostbusters

ROBIN SHELBY does the Balloween Dad Jokes Game Show with DENNIS BALL! Robin (Slimer from Ghostbusters 2 & Lady Slimer from GB 2016) uses all of her stagecraft powers to resist the bewitchingly bad dad jokes of Dennis Ball. This is Balloween, with actor Robin Shelby!

Kalyn Hardman from Lovecraft Country!

KALYN HARDMAN from LOVECRAFT COUNTRY tells us about her shows and clothing line– CAN DENNIS MAKE HER LAUGH with TAYLOR SWIFT DAD JOKES on our new Dad Joke Game Show? (Because Taylor is trending and Dennis is shameless!) Stick around to hear NINE great dad jokes and see the final score.