Will horror stars laugh at my jokes? Dad jokes at Monsterama!

Will Dacre Stoker, The Great-Grandnephew of Dracula author Bram Stoker, laugh? Hang with a really fun vampire expert guy as he endures vampire jokes from Dennis Ball! He’s so cool, he’s ICE COLD- just like Dracula. PLUS Dad jokes with: the first black Bond girl TRINA PARKS (Diamonds Forever with Sean Connery), Elizabeth Shepherd (Damien II The Omen, Tomb of Ligeia with Vincent Price), Robot (the original Lost In Space), Clayton Landey (Nightmare On Elm Street 3, Star Trek, Stargate: Atlantis), Mittens from Nightmare Theatre, Dudes from Midflight Crisis Podcast, Mike from The Earth Station One Pocast Tiki Zombie Comics guy …and MANY more!

Dad Jokes and Summoning Ghosts with Lesley Bannatyne

HALLOWEEN DAD JOKES & HOW TO SUMMON GHOSTS! And WE DO IT on the show- see with your own eyes. Halloween expert Lesley Bannatyne brings the Folkloric secrets on how, historically, people summoned dead loved ones or looked into the future of their love lives. Dumb Suppers, Ghost Suppers, Mirrors, candles, reflections in wells, walking backwards at midnight on Halloween… we try everything JOIN US as we summon a ghost, and what happens will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Team Totoro mini documentary: Loki Variant at Dragon Con

The TRUE STORY of Team Totoro Cosplay! Hang with the team as we prepare “Totoroki” – a 9 foot Totoro puppet/costume dressed as Loki- for the Loki Photoshoot at Dragon Con, 2021. Share an inside look at this Portland Cosplay Crew as they create some of the most intricate and beloved group costumes of Dragon Con. In 2021, it was TVA Agents escorting a Totoro Variant of Loki.

Joe Tweet’s Giant Lobster: The true story of Cape Cod’s Roadside Masterpiece

Artists Paul Suggs & Maureen Dalby collaborated with legendary oyster fisherman Joe “Tweet” Francis to create what became Wellfleet’s most iconic piece of semi-public roadside artwork. Suggs also talks about creating the famous “Squirtin Clam” with Joe Tweet, the hilarious gag which has become a beloved fixture in Wellfleet’s 4th of July parade for the past 50 years.

DO YOUR ART! The new album by Big D and The Kids Table kicks ass

It is hard to hear some truths. DO YOUR ART is the title of the new Big D and The Kids Table record, and its also an exhortation from frontman David McWane. Join Dennis Ball and David as we do DAD JOKES, talk in detail about the upcoming record, and make dolphin noises.

You can get DO YOUR ART on yellow vinyl, Newbury Comics exclusive.
Or get DO OUR ART on Cyan Blue or Splatter, from SideOneDummy Records. We ordered the splatter one.