When Dennis interviews his own creator, things get weird quickly and then spiral out of control. You won’t believe how this one ends! It’s an episode unlike any other. Can the show recover from this tragedy?

Experience LIFE AFTER DEATH with Dennis Ball! AGONIZE at his GRAVESIDE with ROBERT and BABY BALL! PART 2 of the GRIPPING 3 part series. WILL DENNIS COME BACK TO LIFE???

SEE THE FACE OF GOD BALL! And see how DENNIS BALL escapes the very AFTERLIFE ITSELF! Part Three of DENNIS BALL IS DEAD. After this, things go back to normal… sort of.

Dad Jokes and Rap Toys with DJ BOOM

Coolest DE LA SOUL DISPLAY! Hip Hop Museum DC‘s DJ BOOM shows us RAP TOYS & COLLECTIBLES from the Hip Hop Shop every time he laughs. He also shows us the world’s only motorized platinum record display for DE LA SOUL’S 3 FEET HIGH and RISING. We wrap the episode by talking about the Birth of Hip Hop at 1520 Sedgewick Ave. in the Bronx, and some of the legends involved. A very cool episode with Hip Hop Museum DC’s DJ BOOM (aka Jeremy Beaver)!


See the Bantha Star Wars toy that never existed. Sculptor KEVIN SEXTON (Sexton Creations) wanted one, so he teamed up with The Fans Strike Back / Smith Lord Creations to create this limited edition vintage-style piece – meticulously created to look like a real 1980s Kenner toy, complete with a box and TV commercial- that you can add to your collection of vintage Star Wars figures. THANK YOU Toylanta for making this video possible.