Turn Me On, Dead Man: Hidden Messages of The Beatles

Pop culture historian Thommy Burns and Dennis Ball on TOP 4 FABBEST hidden Beastles messages. Decide for yourself about the hidden, creepy, weird messages of the Beatles. What are they saying? Did we miss one? Please put it in the comments below! Why is John Lennon singing backwards? Is Paul McCartney really dead? Whats the scariest Beatles album and why is it The White Album? All this and more, in under five minutes. Part 2 of Retro Time Traveler, Thommy Burns on this installment of CONVERSATIONS WITH INTERESTING HUMANS.  

Fallout 4 with… Dennis?

Preparing for my upcoming interview with FALLOUT 4 voice actor Chris Ciulla, with a spot of live gaming! We are completing this quest to get a few nice Manwell guns (The Manwell Lucky Carbine and The Hunter’s Manwell) in preparation to go to Far Harbor and Meet MALCOLM! He’s the insane cannibal character voiced by actor Chris Ciulla. We’ll be interviewing Chris on an upcoming episode, but I need to see his carazy myself first. This was our first live gaming. Did you enjoy it? Please like or comment below to let us know what you would like to see on the program! Peace, love and feral ghouls- Dennis.


See Dennis moshing with PUNKS, contemplating YOGA, and reflecting on his childhood and his ENGLISH bona fides. FAN MAIL and our first HATE MAIL… to a tennis ball puppet! What set off this angry viewer? Are they justified? Comment below with your questions and angry anti-Dennis vitriol for the next episode of Dennis Ball’s MAIL BALL!

London Podcaster Shiggi gets REAL with Dennis! Part 2

Dennis Ball chats with London Podcaster SHIGGI about her podcast, Deep Subjects, Tang, what Bad DJs sound like, and more in the first installment of Conversations With Interesting Humans. This is one you will not want to miss! Part three to follow.

Sharpie Artist Arm of Casso on Sharpism and Jogging While Black

Sharpie artist ARM OF CASSO and Dennis Ball discuss his artwork, the genre of SHARPISM, NAS, HASHTAGS, and “JOGGING WHILE BLACK.” Stick around for the amazing artwork! A new Conversations with Interesting Humans.

And be sure to check out http://www.armofcasso.net for sweet ARM OF CASSO art, prints and clothing.