MANDO has BABY BALL! Mando MUST return him to “his own kind.” Can DENNIS BALL win back his SON(?) with STAR WARS DAD JOKES? With SPECIAL GUEST, JEFF AKBAR, Admiral Akbar’s less successful nephew! Victor Ward from WARDS OF DOOM stars in this spoofy sketch version of the classic DAD JOKE GAME SHOW.


Introducing JEFFREY BALL! Dennis Ball Superfans CAM and WES show off Halloween costumes, but are TOUGH on the Dad Jokes! They also created a hilarious JEFFREY BALL character, who is unveiled at the end of the program, and even tells us a joke! Find out the mystery behind his TINFOIL HAT!

Coolie Ranx

COOLIE RANX, in true GTA V style, joins us from his car! DAD JOKES and CAR SESSIONS are tons of fun with Coolie, and between laughing he tells us about his music, upcoming solo drops and Pilfers drops, guest slots on upcoming The Hub City Rockers and S.MITH records… and curses out another driver, like he’s LITTLE JAKOB! Dennis eggs him on, naturally. (Curses are beeped out, fear not!) He also tells us what “Ranx” means and endorses the DENNIS BALL SHOW in his signature style.

Filmmaker Patricia Beckmann Wells

Filmmaker and animator PATRICIA BECKMANN WELLS takes the DAD JOKE GAME SHOW Challenge with DENNIS BALL! Will she laugh, and make Dennis a star? She also talks about her psychedelic and introspective film PROPOLIS, and we speculate on why BABY BALL l likes the movie BOLT so much. TUNE IN and find out! With a cameo by BABY BALL!

Spirit Balloween

DENNIS BALL serves quips like candy as he searches for the perfect BALLOWEEN Costume at Spirit Halloween. Will he EVER find those vampire fangs? Will the animatronics put up with his stream of wisecracks? Stay tuned to check out the new animatronics from Spirit, and see his costume at the end! Its a very special, very early Balloween episode of The Dennis Ball Show!

Comic Artist Ariel Bordeaux

ARIEL BORDEAUX talks about her daily comics, reads us two very cool strips, and then takes on DENNIS BALL in The Dad Joke Challenge! Will she laugh three times and have to do a comic strip about being on The Dennis Ball Show? Tune in and find out! Hilarious jokes and cool comix on today’s episode of Dennis Ball, Alternative Comics Edition!

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