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This week: RYAN LEWIS presses records at Kindercore Vinyl in Athens, GA every day. After a set of Dennis Ball dad jokes at Chuckleballs Comedy Club, we will retire to Ryan’s record room to talk about Kindercore Vinyl, pressing records, what makes pressings sound good, bad or absolutely incredible. We will talk about some vinyl myths, and vinyl truths. Ryan will also answer your questions in the chat! (If you can’t make the live, please comment with any questions you want answered). Does colored vinyl sound worse than black vinyl? Why do records spin at different speeds? How do brand new records get warped? Is it a bad idea to get records from Target, Walmart or Amazon? What are the top records he is most proud of pressing? We will discuss the state of the record pressing industry, and the huge surge in the popularity of vinyl records- and what that means for smaller bands who are planning to press their own vinyl.

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