Team Totoro mini documentary: Loki Variant at Dragon Con

The TRUE STORY of Team Totoro Cosplay! Hang with the team as we prepare “Totoroki” – a 9 foot Totoro puppet/costume dressed as Loki- for the Loki Photoshoot at Dragon Con, 2021. Share an inside look at this Portland Cosplay Crew as they create some of the most intricate and beloved group costumes of Dragon Con. In 2021, it was TVA Agents escorting a Totoro Variant of Loki.

Joe Tweet’s Giant Lobster: The true story of Cape Cod’s Roadside Masterpiece

Artists Paul Suggs & Maureen Dalby collaborated with legendary oyster fisherman Joe “Tweet” Francis to create what became Wellfleet’s most iconic piece of semi-public roadside artwork. Suggs also talks about creating the famous “Squirtin Clam” with Joe Tweet, the hilarious gag which has become a beloved fixture in Wellfleet’s 4th of July parade for the past 50 years.

DO YOUR ART! The new album by Big D and The Kids Table kicks ass

It is hard to hear some truths. DO YOUR ART is the title of the new Big D and The Kids Table record, and its also an exhortation from frontman David McWane. Join Dennis Ball and David as we do DAD JOKES, talk in detail about the upcoming record, and make dolphin noises.

You can get DO YOUR ART on yellow vinyl, Newbury Comics exclusive.
Or get DO OUR ART on Cyan Blue or Splatter, from SideOneDummy Records. We ordered the splatter one.

Leona X: Cats, Sabbath and Thigh Voltage

Leona X does the Dad Joke Game Show with Dennis Ball! We talk about Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi and female fronted tribute bands like her AC/DC tribute, Thigh Voltage! Leona X even plays us her NEW song, Black Knight of The Soul, LIVE on the show! It’s a METAL-ROCKIN, DAD-JOKE TELLIN EPISODE of the Dennis Ball Show! Leona X online:

Are Josh’s book covers too scary?

Are these Dark Horror Fantasy book covers too gory? Are they really censored? How much hot sauce can author Joshua E.B. Smith eat? In this episode of The Red Hot author Series, We show the uncensored covers to you for the books in question (WARNING: not for young kids, there is some moderate illustrated book cover scariness on screen), and explain the whole story, so you can judge for yourself. And we hear about these pretty wild books by our special guest Joshua E.B. Smith!